One day, a researcher at the Institute of Social Science and Social Sciences and the Philosophy Research Institute, I contacted me at the Sociology Institute of Social Sciences in the same Chinese Social Sciences. When he returned to Japan, he exposed the distress and doubt that he had endured from the author of the Son of the Earth.

◆ I was at the Institute of Social Sciences and Sociology

In the early 1990s, I was in Beijing as a representative of Kenken expenses under the Ministry of Education (the predecessor of the Ministry of Education). In China, the survey is not allowed without a counter part when investigating. However, one of the officials of the Japanese embassy in Beijing told the Chinese government that “Endo is a person who needs to be a person because he writes a book on Chass.” I didn’t know that, and I lost the counter part and was overwhelmed by jumping from a hotel in Beijing and trying to commit suicide.

A student who was in the government authorities taught me the “Japanese embassy’s secret.”

Such a phone call came.

After all, I was an old student and studied in Japan because I could not complete the graduate school due to the Cultural Revolution, but I was almost 40 years old and I could hardly remember Japanese. I was grateful to me as a lifelong benefactor, as I was abused by the instructor and was at the bottom of despair.

To tell him the current struggle, “Please leave it. My teacher was the director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Social Science Institute of Social Sciences, and the Chinese Social Science Institute has the right to ratify the state.” I was introduced to my teacher. From the edge, he was invited to a researcher (professor) of the Chinese Social Science and Sociology Institute, and finally conducted a research theme for Kenken expenses.

◆ One day, I will contact you from the Institute of Philosophy

One day, the Sociology Research Institute on the 4th floor of the Chinese Social Science Institute was contacted by a philosophy research institute on the 10th floor of the same building. He was a researcher (professor) named Liu Es, and had a really sincere and intelligent expression. What the person said was later on the record of some media interviews when he returned to Japan due to his father’s relationship, so I would like to introduce the record as it is.

In fact, the posts of Professor Liu, which was published on “Weekly Friday” from the materials that had been organized for the end of life, were noticed. With the permission of the “Weekly Friday” editorial department, there may be cases where it is pasted below and cannot be read, so I will add words that are warded just in case. If it is warded, the ruby ​​will be deleted because it is difficult to express on the net page.

◆ December 1, 1998 (No. 247) Recalls of Professor Liu, which was listed on “Weekly Friday”

At the end of the sentence, there was information related to privacy, so I couldn’t see it.

◆ Word of the manuscript of Professor Liu Liem

Around 1995, I have heard that I broadcast the drama “Son of the Earth” on a Japanese NHK TV. I also heard that this drama was a drama of Toyoko Yamazaki’s novel, “The child of the earth”. After that, a Japanese friend (Professor Hitotsubashi University) asked, “Isn’t it a model of the hero of the earth’s child?”, But I know what to answer this question. I didn’t.

Certainly, Mr. Yamazaki reported me and my adoptive father many times about a year ago. In addition, she said, “It’s for writing novels on the theme of Japanese orphans in China (hereinafter referred to as the remaining orphans). However, I have never been in the prosperity of this novel since then, and I have not yet had the opportunity to watch TV dramas. Above all, I had never read the original book, so I had no reason to know how the Japanese orphans were depicted in the book.

In April 1997, I returned to Seiuchi -mura, Shimoina -gun, Nagano Prefecture, to see my father, who had fallen on a serious illness. At the beginning of June, my cousin living in Shimoina -gun went to a bookstore with me and bought me the paperback edition of the earth. After reading this book, I felt intense disappointment. Certainly, this book is a long -standing content, and the story is a lot of twists and turns, handling strange things. However, the feeling of reading after reading is a continuation of a sense of incongruity, as if you were forced to make a person who was forced to turn around, or to see a patient who is grilling like a serious illness even though he is not sick. I felt like I had eaten.

The strange thing is why the crude “work”, which is far from such a reality, has caused a great response to Japanese society.

Just by coincidence, a friend was sent to me, Hoshi Endo (Professor University of Tsukuba), “卡ko” (see the lower column). By comparing and comparing the “child of the earth” with this “卡”, I was able to find the key to solving the questions I had since when Toyoko Yamazaki once interviewed us.

It is hard to say that Yamazaki was involved in literary creation activities with deep sympathy and understanding of the remaining orphans. I believe she falsified history, and as a result, he has trampled the heart of thousands or tens of thousands of remaining orphans. As an ordinary orphan, I couldn’t continue silence on such a situation and wrote it here. No matter what, I talked to the Japanese people about my heart, appealed for the truth, and decided that I should correct the and bonus.

A strange interview by Mr. Yamazaki

In the first spring of 1985, I participated in the orphans for the seventh meat parent and returned to Japan, and fortunately I was able to meet my father. A foreign bureau was notified of receiving an interview with Japanese writer Toyoko Yamazaki.

When she first received her interview, I provided information focusing on my adoptive father, Liu Bunfu (elementary school teacher in the country). She told her how she raised me until she graduated from college while licking her acid, and how she loved me more than she loved my child. The information I provided was recorded in detail by her secretary.

A few months later (in the fall of that year), Mr. Yamazaki said he wanted to directly cover my adoptive father. At first, he said that he would go to Nishitoyo, Liaoning Province, where his father lives, but eventually he felt inconvenience of transportation and began to say that his adoptive father could come to Beijing.

At that time, I thought that Mr. Yamazaki was engaged in a historically important business. Also, I really want the Japanese people to know the Japanese people, especially how many Chinese people, especially the “Jin” and “righteousness,” as humans, and raised the remaining orphans to this day. So I persuaded my adoptive father. In this way, the adoptive father did not care about the elderly as the seven -five -year -old, but he endured an unfamiliar long journey and finally arrived in Beijing.

However, after several interviews, the adoptive father was very unpleasant. The cause is that Mr. Yamazaki has set up a strange and strange situation in advance that has not happened in reality, and has pointed to his adoptive father only under its settings.

The adoptive father was packed in the answer. An adoptive father is a really honest person, who never does what he realized. I couldn’t keep up with Mr. Yamazaki’s question based on this “abundant imagination”, and began to say, “This Japanese coverage is really a headache for me.” I was angry at the many strange and unknown hypothesis questions that Mr. Yamazaki turned during the interview.

The question was, for example, as follows.

“If you were a teacher at Changchun Elementary School, let’s say that the spring was besieged at that time, and there was nothing to eat and the citizens were suffering from hunger. In this situation, if one person. If you only have a food that your child will eat (the author: Mama. Is it a mistake of “not”), will you feed your child or give it to other children? “

Since 1948, adoptive father has been a teacher in elementary school for decades, and has also been the first teacher to enlighten me. However, once he had never experienced a historical situation, such as when Changchun was once siege (surrounded), he had no answer to such questions. The adoptive father, who was merciful and gentle, tried not to put it on his face, but could not control the unpleasantness in his heart. However, the adoptive father still responded as follows.

“I have never seen such a thing …”

At that time, I myself thought it was very weird. Regardless of the specific road we have been, we must assume that it is based on the special historical situation of Changchun long -term siege, and we need to ask only such questions. Isn’t she interviewing us to write the history of the remaining orphans and adoptive parents?

This was a long time, a big question, running in my heart.

“Son of the earth” was inspired by reading “卡”

The basic person setting of “Earth of the Earth” is similar to my situation only from formal aspects. In other words, the protagonist’s adoptive father, Rikutoshi, is also a rural elementary school teacher, as well as my father, and Koji Matsumoto, the father of Rikuichi, is a pioneer in Shinano, Nagano Prefecture, as well as my father, Koji Hara. be. In addition, the hero’s educational background is the same as me, and I go to elementary school, junior high and high school, high school, and the only difference is that I am a humanities and he is a science.

“The child of the earth” has some anecdote provided by me and my adoptive father. For example, one day, Yamazaki has been persistently asking me if there is any specific anecdote that indicates that adoptive father is morally high. So, when I went fishing with my adoptive father, I told me that there was an embarrassing fact that I was terribly dismissed to steal the fish set by the farmer. Mr. Yamazaki incorporates this anecdote in a novel (1st volume of paperback books, 17th pages), but strangely, it is as if it were the only fun memory with adoptive father. 。

There are too many strange things like this, but by comparing the “child of the earth” and “卡”, the following reasons have finally been obvious. Why did Mr. Yamazaki annoy the adoptive father, assuming that I and my adoptive father assume the background of long -spring siege? And why didn’t we notify us that we had a “child of the earth” while calling for the adoptive father, who is 75 years old, for interviews?

Originally, Mr. Yamazaki, before visiting me and adoptive father, planned a story of Endo’s work as a place to show “卡” as a place when he planned to write “Son of the Earth”. Therefore, the protagonist of his own novel, Rikuichi, is besieged and is blocked in the historic background of Changchun, and Rikuichi also traces the same path as the protagonist of “卡” (Mr. Honoro Endo). It was a matter of encountering.

For example, in “Tsuko”, Mr. Endo’s father, Takuji Okubo, also developed Chinese orphans, small, and Okubo loved the small lily than his own children. It is written that he really longed for him. From here, you can easily see why Mr. Yamazaki had to ask my adoptive father about the problem of how to divide food in the hunger situation. Mr. Yamazaki wanted to use this story as an idea obtained from the interview.

After reading the anecdote of fishing, Endo’s “卡ko”, I understood why Yamazaki uses it many times like a fun and fun memories. The only fun memory of Endo’s brother and his father was an anecdote of fishing in the countryside. In addition, why Mr. Yamazaki demanded an anecdote that persistently adoptive fathers was a moral high, gave a point in knowing Endo’s father’s highly virtuous figure.

“China Remaining War orphan” is 크레이지슬롯 a concept that has passed through a particular history. Indeed, literary works on the theme of residual orphans must never deviate from the truth of history, or are unmodified. This is a restriction that the subject itself has, which has an objective restriction created by China and Japan’s history. Here is the most serious error of “the child of the earth”.

Insulty adoptive father’s description

After the defeat of Japan, the number of Japanese orphans left in China is thousands, tens of thousands. Among the many orphans, after the defeat of Japan, some Japanese orphans have experienced the long -term siege of Changchun and have left the child. Even in the unlikely event that there is an exception, it is symbolic that any orphans are set, even if they set orphans through 卡 child, for the purpose of objectively reflecting the life of the remaining orphans. It cannot be expressed.

“Child of the Earth” divides the number of pages more than necessary, and forcing Rikutoku and Rikujin to create a setting in an episode in the background of Changchun long -term siege (long -term siege). There is. As a result, he’s doing a terrible thing to draw a good adoptive father who has nurtured Japanese orphans in a really ugly manner.

For example, it is 150 pages of the paperback book “The Son of the Earth”. On the way out of the child, the hunger is imminent, and he starves to death as much as the personality that acts in accordance with the moral norms that can be seen in the anecdote at the time of “fishing”. He has a strong refugee to shake a wooden stick and take the action of stealing things from them.

Even if the normal moral norms do not work, if the behavior means to drive others to death, the person who has emphasized that he is a human being as a human being. It should not be possible to draw as a person who does the same ruthless act without hesitation. However, Mr. Yamazaki, who took the adoptive father, Rikutoshi Rikushi, as a person who took the food of a new refugee without any internal conflict, saying, “Get out of food without saying it!” Is drawing as a person who talks to Rikuichi’s heart, such as “How is it good, good, eat a little more?”

If my adoptive father is a person who takes the actions that are drawn here, and the Chinese adoptive parents who raised Japanese orphans under that difficult situation. If you were a human, where is the significance of a Japanese writer drawing Chinese adoptive parents?

What does Mr. Yamazaki understand what means to draw my adoptive father and Chinese father -in -law after interviewing my adoptive father? I can’t forgive such insults to my adoptive father. My adoptive father is absolutely not such a person.

However, after reading Endo’s “卡”, he learned that Yamazaki had replaced the refugee who attacked the new refugees that appeared in the child with my adoptive father, and the mystery of a strange interview with her adoptive father. I solved it for the first time. It also revealed that we did not send “Son of the Earth” to my adoptive father, nor did our names on the list of coverage collaborators. What exactly did we cooperate with Yamazaki’s interview? He is unable to get angry with Yamazaki, stealing the story and depiction of “卡” and being used as a source of coverage to hide it.

Unknown orphans

Now, if you are asked, “Who are you?”, I can answer my first name and give a business card. There are two names in business cards. One is the Chinese name “Liu Esk”, and the other is the Japanese name “Hiroaki Hara”.

There is such a song in China.

The lyrics of where you came from …

Nothing is as painful for humans that they don’t know their origin.

Who is the parents and where were you born? However, the residual orphans, which were mass -produced by the war, were deprived of the right to know it. Is there any more pain? Humans are animals with ego consciousness, not vegetation. The protagonist Rikuichi, the protagonist of the earth’s child, knew he was a Japanese orphan from an early age. Nevertheless, he has not been able to take the initiative in searching for his origin at all. Here is the first point of how the “child of the earth” is far from the truth.

Mr. Yamazaki, rather than drawing a craving of Japanese orphans left behind in China, rather than drawing a craving of blood to reunite and self -confirmation, just aiming for the effect of surprising and attracting readers. I did it. He was hung up just because he was a Japanese during the Cultural Revolution, and was described as if it was a fact that he did not have a persecution.

Even though the suffering of the war orphans has not yet been told, Mr. Yamazaki also presented us a bitter fruit called the Son of the Earth. The criticism of the literary critics is about where Mr. Yamazaki has a literary value.

However, an orphaned orphan with Japan’s invasion of China has been born. An orphaned orphan, a witness of the history of fascist assault conducted by Japanese militarism. And it is always a history of who has the biggest remarks on what the true value of Japanese orphans themselves, who are victims of the Invasion War and have survived in a lucky, are the best. I will come to the right conclusion.


This is the text of Professor Liu Lian.

“卡” published in Bunshun Bunko is already out of print, and the scenery in “卡”, which was raised by Professor Liu, is all reprinted, “Another Genocide Changchu”. ] Is written in.

On the last day of the U.S. Women’s Tour, Amazing Cry Portland Classic, both Ayaka Furue and Hyuko Shibuno started with the second victory of the US tour, but Furue was 2 strokes 3rd place Thailand, and Shibuno broke the score, 28th place Thailand. It ended.

“I can’t win the championship and my disappointment will lead to the next.”

◆ American Women’s Professional Golf

Ayaka Furue and Hyugo Shibuno were two Japanese, aiming for the championship, but they ended up with a disappointing result.

U.S. Women’s Tour, Amazing Cry Portland Classic last day (local time 18th), Furue was 13 under the top tie, and Shibuno was in Thailand 1 shot. Furue 온라인슬롯 is a round of the second tour of the tour since the opening of the Trust Golf Scotch Women’s Open, and the Shibuno has been the second victory since the 2019 British Women’s Open.

Although it is relatively flat, the US women’s tour competition at Colombia Edge Water CC, where high trees separate the hall, have changed in various ways, but the history is long. The Japanese players have won three people, Ayako Okamoto (1986), Ai Miyazato (2010), and Mika Miyuri (2012), and is a familiar course for Japanese old fans.

The final set of Furue, both, started 13 under, the same as Andreal Lilia V (USA), who won the first championship. The par is stacked quietly in a calm condition.

In the 5th and 7th par 5, he firmly steals birdies and fights for the Birdie battle. However, the 8th par 3 tea shot was caught in the pond and darkened. Although he managed to put it in a bogey, the number 9 was also a bogey from the rough bunker edge. It retreats 13 under at the start.

No. 10 was blown away in a heavy atmosphere. With 7W in the second shot of par 5, and carrying it to the color in front of the green, a vivid eagle is sinking 5.5 meters neatly with putter. Furue responded with his right hand with his right hand, and the number 11 was also a birdie in total. The battle for the championship is firm.

He sank a 13 -meter difficult snake line on the 16th and steal the birdie, but this is the case. Lee, who put the birdie in the same hall, extended to 19 under and escaped the melee and won the championship. Furue, a total of 17 under, finished third in Thailand, less than 18 under the second place Daniela Dakua (Ecuador).

“It was good to be able to go around with under (par) while I couldn’t play my own. I am frustrated that I can not win, but I think that will lead to the next.” Furue burns. The next battle is waiting.

“If you play golf like today, everything will be ruined.”

Shibuno was forced to fight. Before the start, she had a good smile, but Bogie was ahead of No. 2 and 3. I can’t decide a 1.5 -meter chance in number 5. He returned one with the 7th birdie, but in the 9th, he hit a double bogey of 4 meters from 4 meters.

The second shot of the 11th was caught in the forest road for a while, sinking a 1.5 -meter perpat in the 10th, while the 11th shot was caught on the cart road. Finally, it is 4 on 5 meters. It is the second double bogey on this day in two pads.

After the 14th and 15th consecutive birdies, the 17th bogey was 8 under. In the top start with many players with a score, it was just a single overper, and it was a frustrating last day with Thailand in Thailand.

After two consecutive games, he had a sudden fall on the last day, while he was in a position where he could win, and Shibuno’s expression was severe.

“It was a day I couldn’t do anything today. I didn’t have a good club choice and shots, so I couldn’t get a good flow. I can’t go up without a golf for 4 days. I play golf like today. If you do, you will be ruined. It will be as if there was no three days until yesterday. I think that you have to stack various things a day and take it in a good state. ” Shibuno was completely reflected. I want to get some results at the end of the season.

Lee, who won, was 24 years old born in 1998. It is the “golden generation” in Japan. Born in California, he started competition golf at the age of eight, and at the age of 15 he had the ability to pass the qualifying in the US Women’s Open.

In the Stanford University era, he won the NCAA game and gained his ability, and turned professional in 2019. But the trial was waiting from here. The rookie season in the pandemic did not produce results that were 20 or 21 years, and returned to QT. In April this year, he won the lower Epson tour, Casino del Sol Golf Classic, and regained his confidence, leading to his first tour.

“I can’t believe it. It’s not a word. Considering the early and last year of this season … I was just going to push it in Back Nine,” said Lee. “I want to dedicate to my grandfather who died last November. I believed and supported me all the time,” he said.

In other Japanese groups, Ayako Uehara is 44th in Thailand in total. Toshikyo Nomura has abstained in the qualifying round.

Ayaka Furue (Furue / Ayaka)

Born on May 27, 2000, from Hyogo Prefecture. In 19 years of the amateur era, he achieved the seventh amateur championship in the history of the tour at Fujitsu Ladies. He won his first professional victory in 20 years and won a total of six professionals until last season. In the battle of the prize queen, Moe Inami was not one step away, but he won the Best Player Award and the Rookie Award. He participated in the US Women’s Tour this season and won the tour for the first time in the Trust Golf Scottish Women’s Open. Belongs to Fujisu.

Hinako Shibuno (Hinako Shibu)

Born in 1998 and from Okayama Prefecture. The first major won the AIG All British Women’s Open in 2019. In the same year, he scored four wins on a domestic tour and made a leap to the second place in the prize ranking. In the 2020-21 season, we won two on the Japan Tour. In the same year, he broke through the US Women’s Tour Final QT in 20th place, and fought on the main battlefield this season. Six wins in Japan, one overseas win. Suntory belongs.

E! Golf editorial department


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