Out of about 210,000 signs collected in search of the establishment of a referendum ordinance by citizens’ groups in Osaka City over the planning of an integrated resort facility (IR), which includes casinos in Osaka and Osaka City. On the 27th, it was found that at least about 156,000 people were determined to be valid in the screening of each municipality in the prefecture. Citizens’ groups plans to claim directly in mid -July seeking the establishment of ordinances.

The claim required about 146,000 people, one -50th 크레이지슬롯 of the entire government of the prefecture. The group submitted a signature book to the election management committee of 72 municipalities in the prefecture earlier this month. Each municipality was judging. According to the organization, as of the 24th, 53 results were informed about the results.

On July 29, the Macau government began a general competitive bidding for the issuance of a new casino business license. Accept until September 14th. The license currently issued to six companies (including sublicability) 더존카지노 will be newly decided as the expiration date at the end of this year. The number of licenses issued is 6. Instead of increasing from the current (3 cases), the sublicability system will be abolished. The expiration date will be reduced from the current 20 to 10 years. Participation in a bid requires a deposit of at least 10 million Macau Pataka (about 164 million yen).


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