Company name: Laura Ashley

Product name: Laura Ashley 3 Lanterns Chandelia

Country of origin; UK (GB)

Owner column

Laura Ashley is a British apparel manufacturer, mainly for clothing, daily life supplies, and interiors, and many Iron Sandeli and fashion chandeliers are made.

Even though there are many princess chandeliers, it is a simple and unique style of three lights.

In this blog introduction of the chandelier club, I wiped and cleaned Laura Ashley, a top batter, and attached a decorative medalion with a baccaratist.

It is a similar and stylish design, as the motif of the bend of the arm is the motif of the baccaras chandelier and Milinui. I was thinking about adding Swarovski Clearstal (Stras) to the arm part, but I couldn’t attach the installation member because it was out of stock.

Instead, there were baccarashandeli, plum crystal members, so I decorated them. Elegant design with wings as motifs. I think the size is also suitable for Laura Ashley.

I thought that it was just a good size in the three -light cosmetic room.

It is a chandelier that you want to be reflected 바카라 behind the smile of the customer in the mirror.

I bought a medallion that was just right size and color, so I bought it. I wonder if the medallion is also British. Hook sealing. Glass. About 2kg.

Unfortunately, Laura Ashley broke down in 2020.

However, it seems that it has resumed due to apparel.

Laura Ashley is good, and there are many Japanese fans, so I want you to do your best.

At the Chandelier Club, there are other British chandeliers with wedgewood jasper 9 light sage green.

If you are interested, please see.

The chandelier glass has become beautiful by wiping.

The color of the bisu -Usa peach -chan’s eyes is the same, the color of the bisu Usa’s Red Crystal. Is beautiful.

This Laura Ashley has been re -up since last year, but it seems that the chandelier has been enjoyed and beautiful, and photos and columns have improved a little. We will upload it when you can wipe it cleanly.

Next month, we plan to make Arita -yaki chandeliers made by collaborating between Karan and Yamagiwa. It is 6 lights.

Unusually made in Japan.

If you like pottery, look forward to it.

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