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The bike was far away during the heat, and the distance was finally reduced due to the coolness after the typhoon.

Yesterday, if I turned it into a key -on to start the engine, the lamp was unable to start lighting, so I left it overnight on a charger.

The battery is charged and reinforced and revived.

Occasionally Pashu when the engine starts after the carburetor’s acceleration pump! ? I was sneezing.

Apparently it sucks a very small amount of secondary air than the carburetor’s insulator.

Recently, the weight of the throttle of the Mikuni TM carburetor has become severe, so I was thinking of changing the carburetor soon, so I had to replace the insulator.

It seems that the elderly are no longer needed for engine power, and it is time to think about the future.

We are dispatched after warmth. It’s around 15:00, so it’s wandering in the neighborhood.

I hate traffic jams, so I inevitably run in Imabari with R196.

The destination is to go to the place where you can see the Manami Kaido because there are few cars in Imabari.

A small fishing boat.

A brick light that I’ve been worried about for a long time.

The lights were built in 1842 and moved to this place in 1902.

From the place where the lights are located, the island with the trace of the fortress

You can see the ship in the dock on the Imabari shipbuilding.

The street in the neighborhood is a Showa feeling.

In memory of former Prime Minister Abe. I think the evaluation of the world will reach out to pet treatment.

A route passing through the mountains on the way home.

However, the sunset time is limited to R196 along the sea even if there are many cars.

When I looked close to my home, 바카라사이트 I saw the mountains nearby thanks to the clear air and the sun.

A dog walk after returning home.

It was a good day to run on a motorcycle.


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