When I was worried about my child’s ibiki and apnea, I searched for a lot of helpful information. As a result, I have spent a lot of time until I proceed to surgery because there is little information on small children, so I will post it if it will be helpful for those who are worried now.

Looking at the drip in the hands of a young child, the movement is also inconvenient, and I want to make it difficult to play it freely because of my breasts that I am looking at, but I always want to play it freely. Does the child become a full throttle?

After removing the drip, the accompanying hospitalization will come

I get tired of the toys I brought. ← When you are a second child, replace the toys. YouTube, DVD unlimited viewing.

👶🧒 I make a noise when I’m hungry. She cries when she wants to eat her mother’s accompanying menu. ← Because it was in the assumption, from the 1st to the fourth day, I did not ask for the attendant menu and surpassed it with cup soup.

Until ↑, it may be immediately after hospitalization or immediately after surgery.

In my home, it was a production from the fourth day when the drip was missed about food.

Regarding the attendant menu, I feel that both the second child of the first child failed. At that time, there was no option to eat in another place without children because the corona 바카라 evil and meals are the basic rules in the hospital room.

My mother can’t help but eat anything, and when I eat it, I get a lot of noise. Thanks to that, I had no choice but to eat it in 1 minute to 3 minutes.

I take care of the people in the room, but I don’t care about my kids!

It is the most difficult after the drip is removed to cry with an unpleasant tone, make the bed jerky, or talk all the time.

However, on the 5th day, a nice offer from the hospital side, which could not see the stress of the accompaniment here.

“Shall we put rice balls from tomorrow?”

I thought it was a miracle.

And when I check [Mitune] at that time, it is both a rice ball at the same time.

And when the rice balls came out, both of them were completely ate, and they commented on [Mitune] that the frustration was calm.

I can’t say anything because there are individual differences, but both of my home were really mentally difficult from removing infusions to discharge.

And even though it is tough, it will be a painful attendance that you will gain weight due to the diet and lack of exercise that you eat quickly.

* This hospital has no pediatric otolaryngology. Therefore, it is essential to accompany accompanying when an infant performs surgery.

* Again, I do not recommend surgery for all children. Please follow your doctor’s opinion. I think it’s good to check the opinions of various doctors!

Contents -Stephen Soderberg

Scott Z Burns, who wrote the scenario of ‘Side Effect’, wrote the scenario of this work and directed by Stephen Soderberg. It is a work in 2011, so almost 10 years ago, it has already predicted the ‘Corona 19’ situation almost accurately.

It is similar to the actual situation that the source of infectious diseases was set to Hong Kong and the virus of bats and pigs. Corona 19 began inland in China and is estimated to have started at the bat’s virus.

Long before the rapid spread of ‘Corona 19’, the workers who entered the bat excretion in China in 2012 had severe pneumonia. It is known that it is agreement.

The film matches most of the current fan -decicated situation, and you can see the limitations that cannot be efficiently prepared for the risk of infectious diseases. In the early 20th century, 1%of the world’s population died of the Spanish flu, and even now, when a sudden epidemic turns around, the governments of each country cannot quickly create or apply measures for infectious diseases. At the same time, the world media says that Korea is good at defense, but any country has foolish and stupid citizens, and knows that such people are ruining their defense, but they do not take active measures.

The film reveals how vulnerable in American society in this emergency. It is natural for people to make a riot and make a civil war situation such as arson and plunder. In the future, more powerful infectious diseases may occur than Corona 19, and the government must have such a scenario.

As I watched the movie, I summarized what happens depending on the date of the spread of infectious diseases in the film.

2nd day


Hong Kong, London, England, Minnesota, USA, USA, Tokyo, Japan,

3rd day

George Arcade Atlanta CDC Disease Management Center

San Francisco, California

Alan, Minama Tamen disease caused by fish

Minnesota, Minnie Polis

Michi Mhof, Son Clark-Cough

4th day

Mitch’s wife Beth-seizure-emergency room-death

Son Clark-Death

5th day

Geneva, Switzerland, WHO World Health Organization

Beijing-Hong Kong-2 people died, 10 people confirmed


Similar to SARS

Illinoisi Chicago -Patient occurs


6th day

CDC -5 deaths, 32 infections, isolation

Machi isolation-visits with daughters

CDC Meeting -8 people die, 52 people infections, and can be transmitted without symptoms.

CDC Lab -A new feature of viruses

7th day

CDC -Dr. Chibi -Land Security Department -Biochemical Virus Attack

Dr. Meers -Disease Mechanics Investigator

AIMM company -Beth’s company -epidemiological investigation

Beth’s colleague -Aaron, Check infection on the bus -Interview with epidemiological investigators

CDC -Cell Survey Results -Bat, Pig Virus Gene -Combine bat and pig bacteria

The variation is fast -there is no vaccine, no vaccine

Dr. Susman -Notified to stop sample analysis

Dr. Chiber -Infected Situation Press Conference -Over -response is better than procrastination.

You have to find the first generation site

Hong Kong -WHO Investigator visit

Confirmed infected people -89,000 -286,000 -extend to geometry

Dr. Susman -succeeded in culturing viruses

12th day

8 million infections in the world

Virus Vaccine Culture -Pharmaceutical Company’s share price surge

Alan -Termination Fund Manager -Purchase Information

Machi -Checking immunity

Dr. Meers who builds temporary patient camps in the gym

Beth, Japanese, Macau Casino -CCTV Analysis

14th day

Dr. Meers -Infections -Report to Dr. Chiber

Mitch preparing for the funeral of wife Beth and Son -Recommended to make makeup

Beth -Call to John Neil -5 hours in Chicago

WHO Orantes investigator who tracks Beth’s path -Chinese who kidnaps him

US government -a policy to secret and control the situation

Alan -Infection

Chicago -Pavilion Army

18th day


Looting begins in the city

Authority that digs the ground and asks people at once.

21 days

Discovery of variant virus -Various variants -spreads faster

26 days

Discontinuance of combat food distribution

2.5 million US deaths

29 days

Vaccine 57 -Laboratory Researcher -Injected directly into the body

Vaccine supply start -temporary approval


Authority supplying vaccines

133 days


WHO Orantes Investigator -Chinese who wants to exchange vaccines -fake vaccines

135 days

Vaccination is actively performed.

Michi -Check your wife’s digital camera 현금바둑이게임 -Photos in hand with the chef

Mitch’s daughter who has a graduation dance party at home

Bat feces go into pigs, and pigs eat bat excretion.

Cooking pigs and cooking, and the chef and Beth, who cooked the dish, shake hands.

Investigations that spread to humanity are mostly due to the common virus, and even if left alone, mankind is not extinct. It is clear that many people will die. It is a problem with infectious diseases, but also because of the human attitude toward the epidemic. The situation of creating an internal division and hostile relationship is likely to lead mankind to a pit of ruin.

Humanity believes that humanity is evolving, but the development of science and technology is not ‘evolution’. Humanity is still different from the ancestors of tens of thousands of years ago, and reason and wisdom are only in some people, and if there is a problem of dying and living, people will turn into irrational and emotional human beings.

The occurrence of Corona 19 is now a preliminary stage of experimenting with human intelligence ahead of the emergence of greater infectious diseases. Can we make rational and reasonable judgments when we have high fatty infectious diseases such as past and Spanish flu?


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