Annyon ❣️ Everyone

Not informed of Kamba

The world will be brighter (simple)

I was excited last night and I was awake until 2:30

I’m not sleepy today! 😳 Dinkin

Ami who has a feeling is amazing 🤣

Re -Up🎵

Come on!

Please see it with the intention of following your debut.

There will be no way to get excited

I wanted to be with you 🎵

By the way, I’m looking forward to 6/10 (Fri)

It will be a Kamba as the announcement! 🎵

5/15 I thought it was (Friday) in front of the billboard

Will it be later?

Yungi spoke in an interview before,

“Gorigori’s Bantan,

If you expect that kind of thing

It ’s not so far away,” (super -consent translation)

Will it finally come?

From last summer

The theme I was waiting for was

“We are BulletProof”

Okay so 🤔 9 reflections, bts logo looking like an album library on streaming platforms. 9 like 9 years of BTS. Our theory of WE vs ME. We are bulletproof = we are bangtan= we are bts. Black & white like their debut outfit Reflecting on the Past, Their Youth and Moving Forward? Https:// April 17, 2022 16:51

After all, while worrying

I wonder if I will return to myself ~

Because it overlaps with Festa

They and us are busy!


Because Yungi says like this

From May 28 to 6/14

The schedule is empty

An important June, which is essential for lack of sleep!

I love you even without a holiday!

These 10

Certainly “New Era” (new era)

That’s what Bantan always is doing 🎵


6/17 I was worried about the route.

By the way (Friday)

Festa’s live itself

I will extend it to the 17th just because there is a 10th Kamba,

I don’t think it’s

I’m also worried about this schedule.

What is New Soul Fresh Music?

It’s a Festa live or a penmi

Oh, is that a promotion?

JAPAN 3TH MUSTER was April, right?

I bought a DVD but I didn’t see it (laughs)

Anyway, it works like something

But I still can’t wait June

But I guess

Before that, there is a billboard in May.

I’m going to Vegas again ✈️

By the 바카라사이트/a> way, Vegascon,

The drama “Youth” depicting the BTS world view is scheduled to be broadcast in 2021! The cast is a highlight of the young haiku! The drama “Youth” depicting the world view of “Hana -sama” of BTS (BTS), whose breakthrough in the world does not stop, will be decided to be broadcast in Korea in 2021! It is fresh young actor who plays seven boys!今回は、そんなHOTな俳優達のプロフィールと共に役 日本アルバム「YOUTH」👇🏻 Provided to YouTube by ポニーキャニオンINTRODUCTION : YOUTH · BTSYOUTH℗ PONY CANYON INC.Released on: 2016-09 -07Lyricist: RyujaLyricist: Rap MonsterLyricist: “hitman”… It just stays there, beautifully And it’s everyone who is chasing their dreams Like Rapmon, Jin, Suga, J-hope, We are one of them who is chasing our stars So you can call us young, and we never get old Fall (everything) fall (everything) fall (everything) Fall (everything) fall (everything) fall (everything) Oh girl run, don’t tell me bye bye Oh girl run, Don’t Tell me bye INEED you Girl, I Need You Girl I Need You Girl, I Need You Girl

Yungi! What is that necklace?

BYEBYE’s Instagram in the abandoned house pool …

You don’t need questions …

Hana -sama

It doesn’t seem like there was a strainer …


The cam bubet (news) immediately after the live

Yesterday was

Hana -like Chinese TRAILER was 4/18 seven years ago …


Hentai Big 💜


Consideration Ami will be happening more and more.

I’m looking forward to it

Compared to these these days with the old days

Long -established Ami who is worried about route

Your eyes will open!

Like a novel

Really, if you get excited when you pick up hints and get goose bumps

I can’t stand it

I’m also hentai

For the time being

Hana -sama’s old flower is a review.

Summary of the diary that came as an album appendix ☝

You’ve told you a lot on YouTube 🎵

It was said that it would not bloom in Fake Love

Smerald flowers


At last it bloomed …

Not exactly the same

New flower -like year?

Well, even if you grow up after a year

I’m you, you are me (towards yourself in the mirror)

It’s a thing

Moe’s exciting doesn’t stop

I’m just looking forward to it 🎵


I cried, cried, I …

I cried ❣️😭

It’s okay to confirm it!

That PTD VCR was the same as the flower -like flower …


Everyone will come back!

Tete was also injured, but I flew the plane.

Nam … I’m still working

It’s dangerous

I got out of my mouth like talking to my husband

I want you to come back safely

And as you can see from this article

From Map of Soul: 7

2 years and 4 months‼ ️



It’s been so long …

7 albums were big and I was astonished …

When the album comes out

Because there is a release event (commonly known as Lilybe)

You buy a lot of money mochi, right?


There was also a handshake event 🥲

Miracle event …

that too

Cambar 📣 ッ

🤝 🤝

Rather than touching

First of all, with Kamba, a regular album

Please wait for the announcement of Ilcon

The turtle Calico has a long neck

We are waiting for you (⋆).+*Peco

I wonder if I can see the photos of their return to Japan tomorrow ~

See you soon,

It looks like a consideration

A blog that just makes a fuss

In this area 😝

Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow

As the instinct goes ❣️




😻 😻

Image, I borrowed Twitter ☺️

There are no bodies in the body blur correction or double slot, but there are no bodies in the body blur correction mechanism and recording media double slots, but I think that it is not inconvenient without it. The basic style of shooting is the ISO auto in manual exposure, so even if there is no camera shake correction in the first place, it will be in time. This is because simply set the shutter speed that does not blur, set the aperture value that gives you the depth of field, and shoot with ISO auto. Specifically, if you are outdoors during the day, you are shooting in F8 ・ 1/500 seconds, so there is almost no worry about camera shake, and the depth of the field is about F8. When shooting indoors, it is taken in about 1/100 seconds, so you may be a little worried about the camera shake. However, it is safe because the lens side has a camera shake correction mechanism. It doesn’t matter if the body side and the lens side are coordinated by 7 steps of effective steps or 8 steps, but the specifications of the latest mirrorless camera, but not blurred in one second of handheld. If you shoot in one second, you can use a tripod, and now there is no subject to shoot with a slow shutter of less than 1 second. Speaking of which, it would be about fireworks, but this is a completely tripod shooting world. Regarding the double slot of the record media, this is not necessary in the current shooting style. When I was working, I was doing a double slot, taking one of the JPEG and the other with RAW, but now I shoot with RAW+JPEG in a single slot record media. The number of shots is significantly reduced than when I work, so I don’t feel the need for a double slot. Therefore, there is no inconvenience with Canon EOS RP and Nikon Z FC, and I do not feel the need for a body blurring or double slot. In other words, you can decide the equipment you use depending on the shooting style. If you want to take high -speed dynamics, Canon EOS R7 would be good, and you would need a more expensive flagship machine. However, at best, a person who occasionally shoots in a nearby park does not require a body blur or double slot. Take JPEG. Shooted in July 2017. I raised the ISO to prevent camera shake on the super telephoto side. It was judged that it is better to increase the ISO sensitivity to narrow down the aperture to some extent and 휴대폰바카라 sharpen the whole flower. Basically, you don’t have a tripod for a walk, so it’s one of the reasons for improving the ISO sensitivity to be a handheld shooting. At this time, I had not yet started a photo of F8 ・ 1/500 seconds. Canon EOS 7D Markii, Tamron 16-300mm F3.5-6.3, aperture F8, aperture priority AE, AWB, ISO 800.

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